blatant boobery complete by Sevencarpileup

blatant boobery complete by

Date: 8/6/2010 Views: 27845 Favorites: 289 Comments: 12

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Not sure if people will still get the fact that this is post transformation, but still it was a bit of fanservice and since alot of my fans came from here on Transfur I thought I'd share the love :) .... and boobies. Oh and I made an account over on for images which arnt allowed on DA or here on TF


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Seems to me that you should be able to sic lust on anybody who's clamoring for the boob kitsune. Or maybe you could force lust to give greed a pair of breasts in the name of pageviews-I can just picture a fireball with boobs complaining that this isn't going to work. Don't give in! Show some backbone! Er, metaphorically. Your lovely tails there are enough evidence of a spinal structure.


Nice "Summer Fanservice" pic....*cough* Ahem...Kinda lost my train of thought there...


Hamanahamanahamana---! That's one lucky lollipop.


Seems to me that he enjoys being a lady a tad too much, and I can't blame him. She's a really sexy thing, her curves are gorgeous!


With magic boobs that dont break the spine to have them on the body, whats not to like lol.


Wow! *snuggles*


*returns snuggling*


*takes pictures* These'll get me a lot more pageviews than some cheesecake with a lollipop!


It broked when the bewbs burst forth while it was zipped up D:


I'll gets it fixed.


I really dig your stuff, 7 car! :-3