Halloween Magic: Bunny Changes by Robertge

Halloween Magic: Bunny Changes by

Date: 1/9/2012 Views: 10006 Favorites: 89 Comments: 1

Ripped Clothing

Becca gasped as she looked to the genie. She could get anything she wanted, anything at all. But of course she was smart. She knew anything she said would be twisted around. So why not have a simple wish? And since it was Halloween, it was even better. She smiled as she opened her mouth. "I wish i had white hair." With white hair, she could fit into any costume and look cool in it too. The genie grinned and snapped his fingers before leaving. Becca quickly ran into the mirror only to be greeted woth horror. Her face was covered with white fur and her hands as well. What was going on? All she wished for was for white hair. Thats when it hit her. The genie twisted her words, instead of meaning hair, he thought "hare". As her changes continued, her expressions of fear soon turned to that of joy. She knew a great forest around her home. She could easily hop around and play as much as she wanted and be as free as she wanted from society and all its rules. In the end, the rabbit smiled, knowing her mishap had turned into a blessing.


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The way she turns it around is quite suprising and kinda blew me away...