Arkanite-mab by PickleJuice

Arkanite-mab by

Date: 9/13/2010 Views: 22540 Favorites: 53 Comments: 1


A furry tail-snake thing bit poor ol' Arkanite on the posterior and... well... he *changed*, the poor fellow. Developed an appetite for rats and porcupines. Started growing fur in places they shouldn't ever grow. Soon the tail, still with a mind of its own, was somehow *his* and looked right on him. A Viverrae that looks most like a pine marten. (Character portrait for Arkanite, mabmorostable on furnet irc)


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More like this! Excellent art, makes Pop and Something Wild's art look like Poo! Also lots more Man-Spider stories please with lots of action, makes me horny! Kudos to you Sir!