Bear Cub Fursuit forced TF by PickleJuice

Bear Cub Fursuit forced TF by

Date: 12/10/2014 Views: 5627 Favorites: 25 Comments: 2

Forced Transformation

Hey! Don't forget the audio on the youtube version! It's totally better this time. Honest! No really! I actually tried this time!

I think I got it down now. Try this bit of jarring weird strangeness that won't appeal to anyone but the truly twisted!

There's a bearcub fursuit near Ken. Look out, Ken It's gonna GET you! How did it get made? Where did the pelt come from? Why is it crushing your body and reshaping it into bearflesh? Smaller and smaller shrinking and shrinking! You're a fuzzy little bear cub now Ken. Look out! There's no going back! You're stuck like this for ever!

For continued life, take a visit to my store:

You might find something strange you'll like! You'll like it just how you like this!

(flails around on the ground, arms flapping back and forth in unintelligible madness)


Well, that's better. What were we talking about? O.o


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That would be completely terrifying if that actually happened. Especially for me, I can't stand being hugged tightly or feeling like I am being crushed. Not even claustrophobic, and this still has So Much Nope. Good job making it scary and strange, dude.


Can't see anything scary or strange in this... Maybe i've been in this fandom for too long?