hey, i'm a long time user of this site and have discovered some really awesome artists here. recently i've decided to post some of my own artwork here. my website which is still pretty empty is also up and running, eventually it should contain some adult versions of a couple of the pics i posted here, as well as some photomaipulations. please take a moment to check out some of my stuff.


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i am happily accepting all comissions right now. i really only draw male tfs, but will be willing to draw basically any kind of tf or possible explicit content that you like. just email me with a desciption and i can get started right away. the price varies and is pretty negotiable. but here's a general idea.

*** single pic(b&w)- $18 *** [single pic(colored) -$25 *** [sequence(bw) -$18 for the first page and $8 for each additional page] ***[sequence(color) -$25 for the first page and $15 for each addional page]*[i can also do comics with pricing similar to a sequence and can do photomanips too, if anyone is interested]