Lucern Commission by Narubi

Lucern Commission by

Date: 10/5/2012 Views: 31986 Favorites: 188 Comments: 10

Forced Transformation
Ripped Clothing

10 pg BW sequence for Lucern on DA! Now complete :)


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i cant wait to see the next part!


My favorite artwork ever


He looks like he‘s not ‘enjoying‘ his tf or he‘s just confused. Its a good tf, and its got emotion, which makes it more real. There is one prominant thing in this artwork-how would you feel if you tf‘d?




I will feel great


one of the best Dragons Tf's ive seen, well done!


Dragonman-really, would you? With your bones shifting, changing shape, and your skin hardening and streatching, with your WHOLE body morphing into a form it was never ment to take, which is also at least two and a half times your normal size and weight. I siriously doubt you would feel ‘great‘. and i‘m not having a go at anyone, just trying to make it clear that in most cases, body morphing would create severe ‘distress‘ in the body and mind.


JasonTheDragon: As long as I got to keep my intelligence, memories, and ability to speak Human languages, I think I would be okay in the aftermath. I don't like pain, and this certainly looks painful. I've never gotten shot... but I imagine this might feel like it, only it's all over. I think I'd pass out, and probably wake up thinking I was dreaming. for a while


Finnaly, the first Transformation Ive seen in a while that dosnt have d!cks, B00bs, verges, or sexual relations.

Id give it a go, just as long as I could keep everything BetrayerOfNihil said, but I could go without speaking


So - if he transforms at the *half* moon, does that mean he changes TWICE a month..... or is it only at the last quarter? 7@=Q