AlexisPosterior by Maska

AlexisPosterior by

Date: 9/13/2006 Views: 14701 Favorites: 34 Comments: 7

Alexis, my african wild dog-tarantula, from the backside and wearing very little.


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wow shes cute in a scary "im gonna hurt you" way


I would be SO pissed off at my friends. But at least I would be origonal ^^


Looks like she's mutated even more since the sequence.


Some of that is she cut her hair and all the brown bits are woad - magical armor that primae can grow on their minions - that Bekka put on her.


looks very polished and again, cool tf idea


wait ive read all in chapters of the story where does these newest ones fit into the story


For anybody who's read the story, Lord's Red and its victims/users (Alexis, Dee, Dina, Barry, etc) first appear around the beginning of Era 2 - 4 or so chapters ahead of where I'm at in writing the story now. Hopefully I'll be there soon.