Sketch - Eventful Hike by MaLAguA

Sketch - Eventful Hike by

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This is a bit of a sketch that began as simple practice, but as luck would have it, grew into what you see. A great chance to experiment with coloring techniques as well.


Perhaps what felt like the worst day in Tammy's life. The first day she and her roommate decided to take a hike to explore the new town they just moved to and her friend ditched her on account of getting sick within the first couple of days. Regardless, she urged Tammy to carry on with the exploration.

The woods trail turned out to be quite rough and covered in bramble which just made short work of her clothes. Which, at the time, she thought would be the biggest tragedy to her wardrobe. Footsteps aching and breath growing shorter, she soon realized she was quite physically unprepared for this kind of activity.

And then it happened. The appearance of some odd beast gave her the boost of adrenaline she needed to run, with her feet taking her just away from the path. She fled for her life, that was all that mattered, yet didn't make it out unscathed. A nasty bite and scratch appeared on her flank once the beast was gone. As pained as it was, she just reassured herself she would get it treated back home.

Now lost, she tried to find her way back home, hoping to reach her flat before the sun would set in, yet the more she walked, the more uncomfortable she felt. Her clothes were oddly tight, her fingers itched and her head rung oddly. Yet she couldn't quite piece it until there was a ripping sound and she began to feel the dirt seep into her shoes...


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