Commission: Figurines by Lucern7

Commission: Figurines by

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A commission From LenerdTheFox on DA.



"It'll be ready in a bit" Michael says from the kitchen the sound of metallic clanging and the aroma of arcane savory spices filling the air.

"You still haven't told me what IT is!" Lenerd replies while strutting around his friend's new apartment examining the unusual arrangements. There isn't much furniture aside from a table a bin for umbrellas and canes and the standard plastic blinds on the windows. There was also a strange triangular rune on the floor painted in bright blue with three figurines at each point with a different color distinguishing them.

"What's with the dragon toys Mike?" he asks stepping towards the colored figurine propped up on a chair.

"Just don't touch anything I'll show you soon" Mike replied preoccupied with his project not knowing Lenerd had stepped right into his summoning rune....


Bzzzt-shrooh Suddenly the painted rune lights up and a rush of energy shoots up Lenerd's body. The energy rather than burns feels cold yet forceful keeping him in place as blue runes. The shock of the incident left him feeling betrayed and renders him speechless as the energy contorts around him.Mike hears the rune reacting and runs in to see his friend trapped within the transformative magic of the rune.

"Darn it Len I told you not to touch anything" His friend looks at him with confusion and scorn. Mike shakes his head disapprovingly.

"Well now we'll have to wait until it's done."


The surges continued to intensify, Len could hardly think as the rune did its thing. A cacophony of emotions rushed through his mind as his body shifted and contorted by unseen but powerful forces. Everything felt different, his heartbeat, his skin, his increasingly tightening clothes cutting into his now extremely sensitive scales. The feelings of betrayal and rage at Michael for his causal attitude in regard to all this also blended with a growing curiosity of what he was now. This also lead to fears that he would no longer be himself though no invasive forces seemed to be attacking his mind aside from many new and augmented senses.

He struggled to keep balance as all of this was overcoming him and a strange protrusions were pushing against his back forcing his shirt tight across his chest.


What felt like hours passed the changes continued until finally the blue light of the rune cut out. Len struggled to stay standing as tried to grasp what had just come over him.

"This was the surprise though you weren't supposed to step in the rune, now I'll have to start the whole thing all over." Mike chucked casually as he turned off the oven.

"You did show me that the spices aren't entirely necessary." Len glares at him and growls.

"Hey don't look at me I told you not to touch anything, but accidents tend to happen with these things, I'll whip up a reversal spell"

"Lets not be to hasty" Len grinned "but you owe me a new shirt."


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Nice! I love the story and I like how the magic swirls around him.


Whoo dragons! Really like how you illustrated the tail there. And the skin texture is neat-o. :)