tammyport by Loboleo

tammyport by

Date: 8/12/2005 Views: 18559 Favorites: 61 Comments: 5


First comission I made for Cearenbow, Back in 2002. Not a big deal with the story =P and poor dialogue..but anyway, I like it somehow. The cover was made a year after, July 2003.


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Heh Rash...well I think I love more 'the Gift' tf sequence XD, thanks again for your incredible support wherever I go. ^^ I hope make AL the best tf...maybe not in a sexual way as Tammy does...^^ but it will be fun.


Awesome! I loved it and felt to be just as primally arouseing :)


I thought this was one of my best ideas and Leo did a great job on it to:) still a great classic to this day I think. Thanks again leo for doing it


this is by far and away the best TF comic of all time. hands down. the gift wasn't nearly as good, in my personal opinion, but the n again, I can't draw worth a crap. lobo, thanks for this work of art.


From Girl to beast, you can't go wrong! =<^_^>=