OSC: Blind TF: Don't Touch the Goods! by Jakkal

OSC: Blind TF: Don't Touch the Goods! by

Date: 2/5/2017 Views: 18699 Favorites: 65 Comments: 4

Cursed Location

I imagine by now people have noticed this trend where I send these blind TF victims to ancient ruins. Well, you see, the owners of the area are frankly tired of all these so called archaeologists, scientists and even tourists mucking about the place. They wanted to teach these people a lesson, but at the same time warn off the others who might dare trespass!

This poor fellow, you might know as Kenzu from FA, was wandering around ancient Greek/Roman ruins. But he did not heed the warning not to pick up any artifacts you see hanging around. There's probably a reason no one's picked it up and removed it before. Especially true if the artifact depicts something with hooves, such as a Hippalectryon.


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Good job I like the quedo can pegaso first sight or hippogrifo


Don't see too many Hippalectryons around, not to mention the Zebra variety... 7@=e


Ohh! Good job! I really Like it!


THIS is teaching a lesson? It rather makes me want to desperately stumble across some ancient ruins.