Of All Things... A Squirrel. by Jakkal

Of All Things... A Squirrel. by

Date: 4/21/2015 Views: 10077 Favorites: 70 Comments: 3


Livestream commission for Arrow Quivershaft of his character Thenyr (An anthro eagle) making the mistake of saying "I wish" around Kaerwyn's infamous wishing pool.

We often use the wishing pool in the RP to torment the characters of Kaerwyn. Most of the old school characters know to GTFO when they see it appear, but newer characters have a bad habit of actually trying to get wishes from it.

A general TF like this is rather simple and considered extremely tame compared to what the wishing pool /could/ do.

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What was the particular wish in this case? O.o


There wasn't one. Arrow just wanted the commission of Thenyr turning into a squirrel by the wishing pool.

That's why I made the disclaimer that this is really simple and tame compared to what we really do with it.


More intellectual masochism for the good folks of Kaerwyn, no doubt.