Endymion, Soon to be Raccoon by Jakkal

Endymion, Soon to be Raccoon by

Date: 4/27/2013 Views: 8317 Favorites: 60 Comments: 7


My current main RP character (And new star of the Kaerwyn Webcomic as seen on my dA site) going through what is the Kaerwyn rite of passage. This is also a teaser of things to come in the comic.

I livestreamed the painting of this one, which can be viewed here. Took 5hrs. https://new.livestream.com/accounts/3625720/events/2063500

I do take livestream sketch commissions, more information can be found on my dA site: http://drakkolupen.deviantart.com/


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YES! Jakkal is back and better than ever!! I'm loving the new style too.


You're back! Wonderful! :D


milagro, ya te estrañaba aqui. Pese no gusto reboteo Tf espero esta les de un final.


Ouch. Endymion was my old character name, and my Transfur user name, well... Haha, whatever.


oooyes this is beautiful! I love facial tfs


Oh, so it's an official rite of passage now? I recall my character managing to avoid becoming nonhuman for a good long while... right up 'til you decided the number of human characters who nigh-instantly changed warranted that Wave of Change that'd turn all nonhuman characters human and all humans into various anthros.


Jakkal, Jakkal, where have I heard that before? And Kearwyn? I know I've heard or those befo- OMG your THE Jakkal, the writer of black tapestries! OMGOMGOMG I can't believe it! I love your webcomic! It is freaking awesome! OMG! You have all my respect sir Jakkal!