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FUU - Pureforged by

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Before And After
Willing Transformation

Another Story for the shared universe of myself and Jesoran (http://jesoran.deviantart.com/) . this one takes place in the past of our FUU universe, and it a lot more tame then the other stories, hence why i am posting this here. we both hope to see this develop into an amazing series, and we hope you like this introduction to it.

FUU can be found here: http://f-upeduniverse.tumblr.com/


Long ago, in the time of old, there was a cult. Using their magic book of spells, they transformed many and raged war on the land. A group of knights set out to fight off these cultist. However, they were no match to the cultist's soul weapons. Those evil men and women gave up their human forms of flesh and blood, and melded their evil souls into weapons of death and destruction. The knights could not win against these forces of evil. However, it was soon learned that a weapon made of a soul that was pure of heart could defeat those of evil. So a necessary sacrifice was made. The knights, who had raged war and had harmed many in the name of good, had their souls tainted with the terror of war. So they roamed the land, looking for those of pure heart, that never had done harm, and made them their weapons. And so the cultsade began. With their weapons of good, the knights fought to keep the cult at bay, and save the land of the evil that had fallen onto it!

One such knight was a man.

A man who was once an orphaned boy.

An elf priestess found him, alone in a ruined village. She took him to the church, where she raised him as her own.

Many years past, and the boy grew into a man. He took up the fight against the cult! When he became a knight, he ran to his priestess to share In the good news. However, when he came, he found it in ruins. The cultist, hearing of his achievement, attacked his home in spite.

The knight found his priestess. She was mortally wounded, and would soon depart to the eather. The boy cried, as he knew she would not last long. But the priestess, with her dying breath, asked of the knight one last favor. She asked to become his sword, to aid him in his quest. She wished to stop what had happened to her to happen to anyone else.

So the knight, with the knowledge he learned from his training, performed the ritual. The priestess's body faded, and her soul morphed and took the form of a blade. Due to her pure heart and kindness, she became a blade like no other! Big and powerful, yet light and swift. The knight welcomed his new blade, and together, the set off.

Now the priestess aids her boy again, though not as she once did. Instead of raising him, she now aids him in battle. Together, they fight for whats right, and share in many new memories together. Together as one, they move on yet again.


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