Commission: Unicorn by HamsterToybox

Commission: Unicorn by

Date: 9/27/2016 Views: 43962 Favorites: 100 Comments: 24

Forced Transformation

IT IS FINISHED! And a bonus bit of donkey TF.

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Another sequence for Eala Dubh :)

I love doing long sequences :D


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Your work is SO good!

I wish that my computer supported a good sketch pad or something, and I would definitely try to be an artist.

Still, Great work!~


Thanks! You could just use a real life sketch pad...


Panel 4, oops! Shouldn't have startled it.


I didn't - he startled *me*. There is a, erm, *point* to this. :)


Now it's up to you to carry the torch- er, horn - for the next generation... 7@=e


That's the idea!


Superb. Reminds me of Andy Hollis's 'The Unicorn Club.'


Superb. Reminds me of Andy Hollis's 'The Unicorn Club.' Very good, if grim, staging, thoughtful anatomy, good story in the change.


Thanks! The story and staging are all Ealadubh's idea.


Ah, unicorns. Such graceful, majestic creatures.


He will be graceful, once his body's finished warping!


the last panel is 2funny4me xD also if seems that he's going kinda backwards or something x3 but still good x3


i finally noticed that you're showing that individual parts are transforming at differnt rates, rather then all transforming smoothly. Hence the bulging eyes and chest expansion.


Yes, the face in particular is in a state of flux for most of the time, and keeps warping in and out of shape. What's happening at the moment is a similar kind of extreme warp state with the skeleton, bulging to full size within the body before all the muscle has grown in to fill it out. You've seen the ribcage, the hips and pelvis in the latest one; next will be the spine, before things start to settle down a bit. It's not meant to look like a pleasant process to have to undergo, but the payoff is still to come.


Was exchange body, or exchange your life?


An exchange of hosts if you like, with the power being passed along from one unicorn to the next chosen candidate, but it's still 'me' in there with enough of a unicorn's knowledge and insight added to make the transition work.


The 'twist' to have the old unicorn originally be a woman was something that occurred to me late in the day, after thinking thus: the unicorn is a magical construct created from the host's body; it's genderless and doesn't reproduce naturally, so there's really no reason for the basic template of any two unicorns to differ, expect through age or injury as happens here (so in a sense, it is like one body being swapped over and handed down as you picked up on). Unicorns can also pretty much live forever, or at least until one's magic is exhausted or unable to sustain the construct any longer (injury, again). The dimorphism between the two of us occurs when the regenerated supply of magic via the new host is suddenly activated, so at one time the old unicorn also looked as 'enhanced' at that - although from the fairies' expressions, even they are amazed and in love with how well the process turned out this time.


Thank you, the essence of the unicorn to a host body is passed, the self remains consiencias relativaente is intact.


This is amazing.

can you put last page so we will see the all body of the unicorn with the fairies around him/her?


Don't worry - the 'ending' has been fully taken care of; there are four more images to be uploaded that should hopefully go up today.


Anyone worried about the logger guy: he gets better. We just want to scare him off, nobody's going to believe him and we don't want any of his friends to come looking for him, do we?


so you make another unicorn very nice is this the end or ther is more?


sorry i just saw that you say it is finish very interesting end. you finish it with another transformation.