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She recalled the first time she got bitten. It was a small shark, but even with just a small nip, the sight of her blood caused her to rush back to the stony alcove lining the rocky beach, leaving small red specks between her bare footprints in the sand. It was that day, in the shadow of the cliffs, which she changed for the first time….

The emotions of that moment remained clear in her head - feelings of fear, followed by curiosity, and, eventually, elation. Her new body could dart through the seas with a speed she never thought possible, and thoughts of her life on land melted away as she explored her new form. It was not surprising, then, that hours later, when her snout pulled back into her face, her claws shrank back into nails, and her dorsal fin retracted into her back, her reaction was not of relief, but sadness.

For days after, she wondered about the implications of her recent encounter. Had she contracted some aquatic form of lycanthropy? Would she change by the moon? Was this a power she could control?

Alas, the form would not manifest itself again, voluntarily or involuntarily. But, remembering the first incident, she decided to return to the waters – and, as if on cue, the same quick, almost playful nip on her leg was inflicted.

She rushed back to her hiding spot in the alcove, giggling with glee as she witnessed her skin turn grey, her spine lengthening into a tail while fins erupted from her limbs and back. This time, she savored the changes, her smile growing ever wider as her jaws pushed forward and filled with sharp teeth. She embraced her transformation, urging it forward, and determined to make the most of every moment it would last.


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Thanks :)


love ur work as always geckzgo even when u had ur old name =p


Much appreciated :)


ty =)


I am fascinated by the image. I would like a shark to bite manners. But I'm just disappointed the queues are very short

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This image I did not like so much, but the smile is from + A. I called attention place correct put gills wereShara or furShark.

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I love the story. The picture is great. Also, where is that shark? ;)