OnIce by Foxx

OnIce by

Date: 2/22/2005 Views: 14357 Favorites: 39 Comments: 3


Don't see that everyday. Of course, if you were to see it every day,you wouldn't be at this site, now would you?


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Yay! Open Source TF.


them some nice hot pink undies =P


A penguin goes to the mechanic to get his car fixed. When he drops it off the mechanic says he'll need to look at it for a while, so the penguin goes across the street to an ice cream shop. Penguins love ice cream, and since he's from the arctic he wants the snow-colored vanilla flavor. But because he doesn't have any hands, it's a little messy and he gets it all over his beak and face. When he's finished he goes back to the mechanic and asks what the story is. The mechanic looks at him and goes