YenaFace by Foxx

YenaFace by

Date: 8/25/2003 Views: 7606 Favorites: 55 Comments: 7



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All right, love the hyena stuff! Keep up the great work! =)


Hey Foxx, at first I thought "Man, he needs to fix those eyes", but I have to agree after so long that they are indeed just 'your thing', and do not at all take away from the drawing. Because your art is "the bizomb", as they say in some circles.


Yay. Great work there.


Regaurdless of what people say about your eyes in your drawings, I have and always will think your artwork is awesome. Keep up the good work. Your groupie--KK ;)


With all the hyenas you draw it's a wonder you're not one yourself. ;> Great work, as usual!


I like it. :) You put a sterling amount of character into your pictures, you do.


MMMM very nice and very expressive. I like the subtlely-changing flesh tones at that look on his face. "What's wrong with my nose?" Also, one rarely sees the loss of the earlobe in TF pictures. And it's damm cute! I just want to pet that mane!