red panda by Fox0808

red panda by

Date: 2/27/2010 Views: 15801 Favorites: 127 Comments: 7

Red Panda

Pardon the quality, this is another older one, haha. Anyway just a regular old tf, red panda this time. Enjoy!


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Red Panda Ahoy! :D Woohoo! This is a rarity indeed!


Did I get bonus points for spotting it?


yes, honestly in the other picture, I needed something to put in the background, and this seemed like a nice piece to have hanging on your wall, haha :)


You should see the picture of Lacy getting ready for a Halloween party with the picture of her being eaten by a fox costume on the wall. Ooh, trippy.


I loveee red pandas...


I like it how you put the shadow because this is the first pic that had one. :)