4x6 Post Card - Brooklynx by Flinters

4x6 Post Card - Brooklynx by

Date: 5/3/2012 Views: 10619 Favorites: 78 Comments: 3


During my RudeRoo Design art streaming session, I wanted to try 4x6 art Post Cards. brooklynx snagged the first with a request to be TF'd to a roo fella. I matches his canine markings to the roo form and I'm pleased with it. The figure was done first, and the background was suggested afterwards. A bathroom? Okay, I can do that. I'm pleased how well it actually came together for a background. It really sets the scene nicely.

Drawn on 4x6 heavy linen paper, hence the texture. Kind of a neat effect.

What is this card worth? I'm still toying with pricing. It has to account for the time I spend on it and materials.


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I like the texture on this one


Well, I'm new to pricing, but I would pay upwards $30 for that. Not more than $60 though. That's just what I would pay for a piece like that. All the detail and the nice shading seems like it would take a long time, so that is is also important.

About the piece; I really like the texture of the paper. And the shading is also nice.


hes sexy...