Penguin Guy by Fenchurch

Penguin Guy by

Date: 6/20/2008 Views: 11580 Favorites: 38 Comments: 3


Ah, my quest to do the less celebrated animals of TF-dom continues... I'm posting images without any real order, and I'll pace them so as not to spam, by and large. Here's one of a series of "artifact" transformation pics I've done.


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You can't respond to the praise? Aw... I had so much to say... OK, i'll sum it up in one word; Great. Not great as in pretty good, mind you, but as in above average in several areas... OK, that was more then one word...


About time there is a penguin tf on this site. they are rare to nonexistent . P.S: I am already drawing a hodgepodge of pengun tf for this site


Thank you muchly! I'm hoping to do quite a few of the rarer species! =-)