TanisBattle by Evion

TanisBattle by

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The curse is slow, but it can come in random and terrible growth spurts. What once only encased her feet and hands and parts of her forearms has grown to engulf much of her legs and arms, becoming apparant on her shoulders and creaping up her lower back. The worst part is the bone growth as the start of a tail nub painfully pushes itself from her lower spine, and her feet shift and elongate to make boots utterly useless. Not to mention the other subtler changes. Her only hope is that she and her brother are able to find a cure... soon. -- First upload on Transfur! Whoo!


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Simple yet endearing. Welcome <3


Great pic, Great story behind it. A wonderful entrance to Transfur, Welcome :)


Battle ready indeed


Het I know you your from deviant I'm aABay on there so welcome to Transfur.


Great work for an entrance... be welcome...


great first piece. the little nub of a tail is well-done, and her feet are great too. welcome!


Welcome to Transfur, Evion! :D And great to have you ^__^. I was wondering if you'd get yourself an account here with the fantastic transformation art that you do :D I'm really fond of this piece, too! ^_^


Welcome to Transfur! Great entrance. :)


Really nice work I just love the tail..


Nice one... Dragon/lizard tfs are the best, as I always say. This is one of the better ones of course. Welcome to transfur :D


Yay, Evion!! Welcome to Transfur!! Very shnazzy first post here! I'm loving the pose and expression, and the scales are really neat! <3


i like ur art stlye alot, and by that i mean just ur figures and lines jsut click with me


I love this! An excellent picture with a great pose and just the right amount of change. Welcome to Transfur.


Dude, that is freaking hot!


Awesome! Needs to be a sequence.


Great job on the piece in general (IE Too much good stuff to comment on). I bid you a warm welcome.


What is the end result of the curse? Does someone suffering from it lose their mind as well or succumb to instincts? This is a pretty nea one, I remember seeing it and a few others on your DA account before.


Fwah! So many warm welcomes, thank you all! Let's see if I can answer all these questions in one comment... XD Thank you all, I had fun with the details on Tanis. Jweyattguy - Sadly, this is a very slow process over many years, even decades, so it won't be a sequence in one piece ;3 You'll just have to wait for more art of her! Welly - That actually depends on the individual. It's different for everyone. There's some that go "Feral" and some that retain their human minds... Dragons are themselves intelligent, a little like the Draco sort, but some are quite nasty beasts.


wild!! and bienvenidos!!! GREAT art and the story sounds wicked; definately a good artist addition :3


I like it.


Very nice. I'm just wondering: Where did she get the designer underpants made for those with growing tails? Welcome to Transfur.


thats a really good paice of work. its good to have you


I hardly ever comment on anything, but this is really really good. I wish so much I could read the stories.


You look like a decent new artist. And you have a DA account as well? I'll go check that out.


hey you should make a sequence on all of these transformations it'll look cool