Gaius plush by Evion

Gaius plush by

Date: 5/19/2016 Views: 12144 Favorites: 94 Comments: 8


So, I had a weird half-dream, half-awake-imagining scenario the other night. It involved Gaius getting turned into a big plushie dog, trying to escape from a lab, and him floundering with door knobs with those poofy mitts.

I really want a story of all that. Maybe if I manage to squeeze out some free time, I can attempt something. For now though, have some art!


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Can you do sequenses for this Transformation?

I love Plus Transformation and what you did is awsome but i think in sequenses this will be even better.


More plush please. I agree in a sequence would be fantastic


Ooh, is he going inanimate or will he still be able to move as a plush? Also does he lose feeling in the TFed areas once theyre plush or can he still feel and touch?


*steeples fingers* I'm thinking he'll remain animate, at least initially! And probably stay full-sized, so he'd be a giant plushie running around fighting guards and renegade scientists! Feeling, however, would be pretty muted! Like, he can feel the basic of being touched, but has a poor sense of how hard he's getting hit or being squeezed until it reaches extreme levels. But getting shot with bullets sure hurt, and keep him far away from any fire!


Cool! I guess the muted feeling and touch makes sense, since he's a plush. Also, a giant plush dog fighting men would make for a great follow-up picture XD


That sounds AWESOME!