cus-taur-mer service by dragonwithgames (dudewithgames)

cus-taur-mer service by

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i work in the customer service industry...i hate my job

they tell me i should be fine alone, so i asked for extra arms

this is NOT what i meant with extra pair of how am

i supposed to provide customer service?

who knew the job was instable through other means...


critiques welcome


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Here's a small critique. You should have drawn lines showing that those are paws. Unless they're meant to be hooves? Otherwise its a pretty good and cute drawing.


alright noted for next time, thanks wereskunk!


Nothing major, but the hind legs seem a bit thin to me(anyone else?) And i feel like the angle on his front paws/legs is a bit akward(they are basically held straight up from the body, which is already difficult for humans, even more so when held to the side like in the image and i imagine quadrupeds would have even more trouble with that as it's not something they'd normally have to do)


Also 2 more things: 1) the front paws look very much so like hooves by the way they are shaped(and if they are hooves they have a joint to much), but if they are paws they would be more likely to lay flat against the wall or go stright off, instead of that "flexing your toes" look you seem to be going for here. 2) you might want to consider adding a bit of muscle/texture where the legs go into the torso as it looks somewhat flat as-is (although it is mostly covered by either leg or pants)