Another Santa's Helper by Dragonmanmike

Another Santa's Helper by

Date: 12/28/2016 Views: 6817 Favorites: 25 Comments: 1

Gender Change - Male to Female

Did you know that only femal reindeer have antlers in the winter? That means that all of Santa's reindeer are actually female.

Seems Santa needs some more help this year. Too bad that you don't meet the physical requirements. Well thats easy with an easy fix with an enchanted harness. What? The scarf? Its just warm and stylish.

YCH Commission for Ytoaster of thier character, who I believe is a dolphin getting turned into a lovely female reindeer.

So happy with the pose on this one. Its so cute and it came out really well.

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Yeah I heard about the antlers thing. Seems more and more people are finding out this year!