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This is already spectacular, so I wonder what you mean by consistancy. Keep up the high quality and looking forward to more!


Very interesting. I'll keep an eye out for the continuation :)


I hope these are good alfin relationship, as the girl seems transforms out of his will, that normal romantic relationship or ratio control. Transforms are also well explain his vont.



I guess I mean consistencies drawing the same character multiple times and having each look the same...

Ah. Yeah, like that.



more please. all of your work with this couple is just perfect

tenkokukutiw (cm.ilkay.3) (cm.ilkay.4)


But the (cm.ilkay.2) and (cm.ilkay.1)


I can see what you mean by consistency, but for all intents and purposes I don't think it's too much of an issue for you. Each character is still recognizable regardless of the minor differences in facial structure or expression, and the lineart is absolutely fantastic (then again, all of your lineart is).

In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the series!


I absolutely *love* how you portray every female subject! It's so striking how you melded a human torso with a dog's hindquarters in the mid-bottom of the second frame.


Alright Coyoteskin. I have an ultimatum:

You've GOT to tell us the story behind these sequences. You've dodged me once, but after the third part of the series, you can't tell me that there's not some sort of background or backstory that ties them all together. Who are these characters?


I must have a story behind these works of art.


At this stage whether necitos an explanation, in the first "cm.ilkay.3" to "cm.ilkay.4" the blue haired girl tranfomación can control. But can the same case depends on the young or dark hair?. was as if nothing could haser.


Ok...cause like, the dudes are natural werewolves. But, you know, not conventional werewolves, cause they can change at will, but the ears remain because (I like the aesthetics of it) it signifies their natural lineage. Or something. And well, the girl, you know, she is still adjusting. Also the one with blue hair is young and a little naive.... and and @_@


It is really not interesting in words.


New werewolf who can't control her shapeshifting, perhaps?


Very Sexy and wonderful work! Thanks for sharing! :-)


thank, That of the two young men if he knew that were natural. but in the case had girl was certainly seems trafomaro a wolf by an order. you're right party has intereante echo partner is that you have not explained them.


I definitely want to seem more of these two :D


I have to say the final Integrated leaves me. Why the bite? is partly because of your sequence does not explain much. but deveria be more explanatory level.


WTF? I don't understand.


It is a dominance thing - ah, or ....yeah. The story follows the progression from the earlier piece, 'Evey', so she is still newly turned. Ah yeah- Lux is the oldest/most dominant wolf in this scene.... I.... I don't know..... Something, something.


omg that's enough! Kill that guy >_<


Cool sequence and I like the backstory behind it


Thank you ^^;; I am still a little embarrassed sharing the story.

The art is more vague, so I do prefer for people to interpret the story rather than be subjected to my silly explanations aha

But thank you!

And no worries Dave, all my characters are redeemable in some way -because I do not find despicable characters very fun at all. >>;

He is a bit of a jerk here, though.... eh, drama and such


BOOJAH! I've got a compliment... I think...


Oh and by the way... I'm ... kind of an actor :P


Fantastic job


Oh man I love this. I love your art. ;;

So good to see art that focuses on characters and interactions and it's so so so awesome to see a non-erotic transformation. Thankyou so much!

I love your tones, btw. How did you do the backgrounds? I like their traditional manga-looking texture. >_>