trex tf by Corvidima

trex tf by

Date: 4/10/2007 Views: 15485 Favorites: 64 Comments: 7


Gift-art for Metamorpher.


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It's a cute image, but you ended up filling the newest uploads with 'don't comment on my name' which really makes it impossible not to want to know the story about it. Either way, I'm glad the images are back.


Just trying to keep accounts separate - and I had too much overlap going on.


Never be ashamed of the art you create.


I'm gonna have to say that's a very understandable reason. Not that you should be ashamed of art you create, but some employers do look a little more closely at your personal life than they should. Your art is still good, BTW. :)


No prob man. Im tempted to do the same but for the fact my current account is flaky for some reason.


your geocities site is still floating around with your old handle, if you can ice it


Geocities is fine - I'm just going to remove a few of the images. This'll be the only site I post TF related material on anymore.