Lance's New Hooves by Ciervo

Lance's New Hooves by

Date: 10/12/2015 Views: 19821 Favorites: 134 Comments: 4

Ripped Clothing

Description from Lancefoxx himself:

I was struggling to remain human for the drive home after work, but now that I'm home, I'm turning into a real horse and I couldn't be any happier about it! Looks like I've been waiting all day for this. I look absolutely thrilled to see that my bare feet have turned into real horse hooves. I'd imagine that I'd try to hold the rest of the transformation back, not to avoid turning into a horse, but just to slow it down so that I could enjoy the rest of it as it happens. However, I'm losing that battle and the rest of my clothes are paying the price for it. Oh well... it's definitely worth it!

Can someone get the door... and the rest of my tattered uniform? I seem to have gotten a little... overly excited and eager to change.

**Lance flicks a pointed ear and stands proudly with a long flowing tail sway. He stomps a fore-hoof, whinnies, flares his nostrils with a snort, and shakes his mane out as he gets comfortable on all-fours with his new equine form. ** So good to be home... the rest of the world has no idea...

Image 2:

"Um, would you lend me a hand? I'd like a carrot."


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I love the drawing, but I like the little description even more. The combination really is more than the sum of both parts.


Really love the story you added to this, makes it so much more fun. :)


Yeah: Lance should have splurged on the pedal-operated door system: those handles are a bit too close together to get your teeth around one of them.... 7@=e


Ya know, he seems like a smart man, he could probably pull the doors open with his mouth then pull the crisper drawer open with his hooves, I’m just sayin’