Orca Transformation by Ciervo

Orca Transformation by

Date: 1/8/2012 Views: 14801 Favorites: 107 Comments: 5


Got ideas for a background story (or explanation of what's going on here)? :)

Medium is photomanipulation; no digital painting involved.


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Background story: The weather and the tide were rough shaping the rocks at the ocean side. With the closeness of the water, the grass grew on the dirt and created a large patch of green. Trees began to grow as well, the seeds perhaps carried their over the wind. Man then settled in the area. As the area evolved so did the housing. More and more people showed and even erected a lighthouse near the bay. Through use of the area much of the grass turned to barren dirt perfect for a beach side boat launch site. There the area still remains with people coming and going, using the beach that looks out over the water.


Murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Love the tail.. Oh I really love how you did that.. Usually I dislike photomanips, but this is absolutely wonderful. Keep up the excellent work. Any chance of a sequence if I were to pay for one?


Artist-Guy, I see what you did there.


I'm with Qualin on this one. Also, I like how there's the random newspaper-reading dude in the background, with no clue what's going on.


claver story artist-guy