Hydration by Ciervo

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Unfortunately, they quickly found out that none of the heads spoke the others' language and, indeed, even desired to eat each other, which was thoroughly unpleasant.


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what would you call the act of eating yourself? now that's going to be on my mind until i forget, then will probably be on my mind again every time i'm reminded of this pic.


GaoGaiGar, that would still be suicide.


I'm not sure there's a word, Gao. I bet I could throw some Latin together into a reasonable fascimile of one if pressed.


Autophagism, probably, from auto- "self" and -phage "consuming".


Interesting foot construction there, with the blend of all three species of this chimera. Really digging your artwork so far, and looking forward to more. :)


I believe Edge of Reason once featured an obscure mythical creature which was a self-feeding chimera. I think it was made from a wolf, a rabbit and a flower.


I discovered that Wikipedia actually has an entry on eating yourself, when I googled to see if 'autocannibalism' was really a word. Apparently that, 'self-cannibalism' and 'autosarcophagy' are accepted terms. 'Autophagy' is used sometimes too, though the term applies to an aspect of cell biology.

And now you probably know more than you ever really wanted to on the subject!


@ Ciervo, the dragon wants 2 eat the wolf, the wolf wants 2 eat the deer, and the deer just doesn't want annything 2 do with them.


I love the hoof being the two middle toes of the paw. That's something I've never seen before!


Like rock-paper-scissors; Dragon covers Wolf, Wolf covers Buck, and of course... Buck covers Dragon.


Did he start out human?