ChineseRestaurant- by CaliforniaKitFox

ChineseRestaurant- by

Date: 2/20/2006 Views: 27857 Favorites: 48 Comments: 7


One Evening at a Fine Chineese Restaurant (See "Full Moon and Furbrained Schemes" for previous encounter)


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First Comment! Boy did I enjoy this comic. Especially that guy protecting his foxy family. Oh I also love the old miss kicking those were's butt. Two thumbs up!!!


Grrr8! *thumbs up*


Ooh! Weasel-in-a-can is my favorite!


Not as god as fresh Weasel do'joure or Smoked Weasel. But i digress, a excelent little story. Roy has a real talent for theses skits. But couldnt he have just combined both parts into one sequence?


Don't get me wrong, its a great comic but should this really be considered a TF? Out of four frames one of them has a brief moment. I mean this really isn't what Transfur's about.


Sciex - I posted this on behalf of CaliforniaKitFox. Transfur isn't only about direct shots of people turning into animals. This comic is very creative, has an established storyline, and shows a transformation. Meets the criteria if you ask me!


I love your comics :D I admit, at first I wasn't sure what I thought of your art, but your style has steadily grown on me and your sence of humor and story telling has turned me into a huge fan XD I can't wait to see more adventures of The Artist et al! >:33 And on the topic of TF- 9.9 it's got it. And it's got a lot more too. people jsut don't know how to accept more than the bare minimum if you know what I mean :D