newtleaningagainsttreecol by Bilious

newtleaningagainsttreecol by

Date: 2/22/2007 Views: 10471 Favorites: 11 Comments: 4


Newt's final change is approaching and the poor guy has been a bit... stressed ((cough)) lately. Wanted to do a little peice to practice coloring with my new monitor and also practice backgrounds X3 aww his 75% froggy form is so funny and potato shaped <3 can't wait to show off his final form >:3 <3 soon!


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Aw, he's so CUTE!


awww he looks so sad and lonely.


i like it but u could do a realy cool one if u did evry single dr monroe character in a room could u it would be so cool


thevwolf- I already did do a group shot of just about every character XD it nearly killed me.