billyflop by Bilious

billyflop by

Date: 9/12/2006 Views: 12638 Favorites: 6 Comments: 4


I know you lot all hate Billy and his terrible grossness, but I find him fascinating. Technically, he wouldn't be able to sit up on his own without his chair- so he'd be all flopped and squishy looking all the time D: poor guy. Hard to look badass when you dont' have too many bones left!


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i do not hate billy, i for one like all of your art and think it should be among the top art pics that are on the net.


kind of an interesting tf idea really. look forward to seeing more art from you ^^


Awww, Slimy cuteness. And very cool pose there! Like the way it works!


Undulate man, UNDULATE! The squids are watching.