newtsquattingcolor by Bilious

newtsquattingcolor by

Date: 8/11/2006 Views: 10089 Favorites: 13 Comments: 2


I have a bunch of other things I *should* be working on, art-wise, but I couldn't help myself ToT doodled this at work durring one of my breaks and had to splash some quick half-assed photoshop coloring on it, because Newt is just too cute for his own good D:


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what confuses me is the fact that Newt ALWAYS has flies buzzing him... does he stink or something? :D You'd think because of the frong thingy in his blood now, that wouldn't be a problem XP


It's easier to get your meal to come to you when you roll in questionable things ToT Newt has a habit of being a bit stinky.