lawrbigish by Baneful

lawrbigish by

Date: 8/7/2006 Views: 18328 Favorites: 120 Comments: 7


This is Lawrence Woolfe not long after his first tranformation, the instincts from the virus only just kicking in. Lawr is a product of the Moonwrath virus, expect to see more of him in future.


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Wow. I love the tail, and the painted markings in his fur. The grin is evil, but that tail screams Cuteness!


I really like how this piece turned out, Bane! Great detailwork on the fur, fabulous face, and I like the 'feathering' of the fur on the feet and tail :3


*points up* Hrmm, that's what I get for being on someone else's computer and not realizing that it's not ME logged onto transfur XD. Anywho, I like the art, Bane!


I like him, he seems to be the sort of guy who gets things sorted, when he wants!!


Yes, I agree very nice, nice pose and everything. He really does stand out. Hey, just a quick off topic quest. Anyone got any news on them splicing programs? If you know what I mean....


What an impressive werewolf!


Moonwrath virus... Sounds interesting. Care to explain more?