Stars And Stripes by Artist-Guy

Stars And Stripes by

Date: 3/22/2017 Views: 7238 Favorites: 27 Comments: 5

A Derailing Tag
Not American Enough For The Pun To Fully Work

Oh, I get it! It's because it's night and there are stars and he has stripes on him. It'd probably work better if he was some sort of iconic American character or.... eh it's cool. Not a great pun, but it's acceptable if a little forced. *Clap*

A bit more testing with my new tablet. I have to do a bit of a work around for SAI to function properly in it as the second screen in a dual monitor setup. Once it's working it's really nice. I should see if I can get streaming to work at some point.

Colouring is kinda fun on this tablet. I need more practice at it. Like, a lot more. It's fun none the less and the image isn't the worst thing to look at. I like how this one turned out and maybe the next one will be even better. Hope you all enjoy and we'll catch ya later!


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What are we gonna do with you...



For dad jokes of this calibre I accept eye rolls and high fives depending on your opinion of them.






surely is a big hand/paw right there x3