Dull Surprise by Artist-Guy

Dull Surprise by

Date: 3/9/2017 Views: 8371 Favorites: 46 Comments: 10

I Dont Know Yoga I Guess

Just remembered I had an account here. This is about the only transformation thing I've done in a while anyways so no big deal.

I was messing around with my new tablet and after some practice poses I started fleshing out this one and made it into a TF piece. The expression was kinda lame though and reminded me of a bit from MST3K where they talk about these pictures of a model. The expression she was making was such a non-expression they labeled it "Dull Surprise". Hah, anyhow. Enjoy the random yoga rabbit-person!


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How've you been?


Pretty good. Really enjoying my tablet and life in general. How're you?


Great, I've missed seeing your TF work hehe


Cool man. I don't have much for the future but I'll probably post a thing or two once in a while.


Daww. I like this. :D Not like I'm rabbit biased. Just saying I'd definitely like to start yoga >.>


I still don't get why anyone does yoga.....it seems like a pointless endeavor to me.


Then again, I'm just not a naturally "centered" person. I'm what you might call a "raving f*cking psychopathic menace"


*hands Zackman1996 a cookie* I have a club for that. And we encourage you not to change. :)


Thanks buddy. I think results may vary when it comes to yoga.


so, cool x3