Hyenasm by Arania

Hyenasm by

Date: 3/10/2006 Views: 22387 Favorites: 111 Comments: 17


Random inspiration after a random conversation about Hyenas XD. Random factoid: female hyenas's 'equipment' is virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye from a males' because they pack so much testosterone. So... this lady here is in for a rather awkward surprise.


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I think this is one of your best.


this is pretty good


Seeing this image makes me wonder; do women make for better TF victims? I'm probably opening Pandora's Box here, but are women simply more "emotive" than men? Is that why they're used more often in TF pieces? Does a woman's reaction to a TF simply LOOK better on paper than a man's? Or am I just buying into a stereotype? In the meantime, this is beautiful work. The spots on the fur are great, too.


It's a nice piece, but I somehow can't dig those ears. O well...


Personally, I like TFing guys >:333 but then again, I'm a chick and sadistic so yes XD Hot, Antigra. I can't wait to see what other fanarts Val gets XDD Now draw Billy! XDD


TG 'ing guys is always amusing - cant forget that one :)


Ditto to what Asgromo said. I do wish there were more guy TFs.


Hmm, yeah. Another reason why more female TFs- the awkwardness factor. For some reason it's easier to see a generic female undergo a humiliating TF than it is to see a generic male. I think it might be because women are more objectified? Hmm. I don't know... Well, cool pic anyways. And male TFs will always have their place here, I'm sure.


most guys just want to perve, that's proberly the simplest answer, oh and I love this piece ^_^


I think the awkwardness factor varies by species, which in turn varies by gender. A female generally doesn't want to be a hyena, for one (ahem) obvious reason, but also because I think society puts more pressure on women to be visually appealing, so it's far more awkward for them to become an "ugly" animal. Conversely, an average man would rather be something fierce and intimidating than, say, a bunny. --- Oh, and yay hyenas! An interesting and underrepresented animal, always good to see more of.


:D :D :D "I... LOVE hyenas!" Noice job, as always. (and, in defense of hyenas, some scientists are beginning to think that their intellegence is just below apes. Which is pretty smart, all things considered.)


Soty - Hyeanas are most awesome =^^=. And it's likely because they are highly social, pack animals. Animals with social behavior tend to have higher intelligence for communication and tactical reasons. The biological expense can travel from raw brute strength (because they work together) to allow the extra biological cost to go to brains. [/anthropologist mindedness]


I believe the reason the majority of TFs are female is because people want to see breasts. Plain and simple. I do wish there were more male TFs, though.


I'm a very large Hyena fan myself, and though I generally prefer them with bigger muscles, this picture is still great on several levels. Especially with being anatomically correct. Its rare to find Hyena transformations, then often times they're off. So this is a damn good picture.


Sophomorictrash, once I get these drawings finished to turn in, I'm going to try to join here too.. and most of my stuff is TFing guys. <3<3<3 Bilious, I'm so with you on that one. Oh.. yeah, I forgot. Arania, great picture. You're getting better. ^_^


arania does'nt really have a best all of her work outstanding


hope our 'victim' here enjoy's the upgrade to her "plumbing"... assuming she doesn't plan to have any cubs though =0