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Date: 8/3/2007 Views: 61334 Favorites: 184 Comments: 10

Snow Leopard

This is the next stage of Kikue's transformation. It's kind of old... but I wasn't able to get into my account for a long time. Her 100% will be coming next, I've been working on it. ^^;


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Dear lord, what is with the leopards and the snowwies suddenly appearing out of nowhere? I randomly somehow poofed into one myself recently, so I don't mind, but where are we all coming from? @.@


Oh, yay! I was so excited to hear you were taking on Kikue! You're doing a great job, and I can't wait to see her finished!!! <3


Bengaley- this one is from IoDM RP X3 Yay for Kikue!! Your version's so much better, eegad! D: And she looks (gasp) Like a young japanese girl transforming into a leapard! And not (gasp) like a twenty five year old vogue model slowly putting on a fettish outfit! I love her ears in 50%- so can't wait to see her 75!


StealthFlame: Yes, this will be a five piece sequence. :) Like all of the other IoDM sequences, the new changes will be posted when the character changes so as to not spoil the surprise.


nice work, I just LOVE snowleopards


Nice to see how your style improved over the month. The fur on the last picture definetly deserves an A! Awesome work.


i'd like to see the 100% too! (that and some of the other sequences from IoDM)


howd her cloths suddenly change....i think that you should put some dialoge in it... it would make it much more fun to read and see. ^^; just my opionon though.


Nice job!


In hiragana, that would be きくえ. (kē-kōō-e (Standard Phonetics) k' i k M e (Easytype Japanese) kh i: k u: e (Easytype English))