Anatoli by Antherios

Anatoli by

Date: 8/3/2007 Views: 38145 Favorites: 98 Comments: 12


The next stage of Anatoli's transformation into an opossum. :) All the pieces in my remaining sequences for IoDM (Kikue's 100%, Tristan's 75% and 100%) will be in this style.


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Eh? Watcha lookin'?


its because the filenames are different. you need to have the same filename followed by a number. this would be antherios2 or something lke that.


Why on earth is he naked? O_O Did someone maul him and stole his clothes just before he changed?


He looks very forlorn, nice effect.


Very pretty. A little more gore than I'm used to, but if it fits the storyline (and it seems to), more power to you!


Possums = win


That pose is fantastic, I especially love the way his arm is draped. The face is delightful in its "dead".


Playing possum isn't all that common, in case anyone wonders. It happens mostly in really extreme situations. Opossums can actually be pretty vicious--not to mention they're tough as nails. Heard of things like breaking the jaw of an attacking dog in its mouth, or breaking their backs and recovering in the wild.


To be fair, Anatoli was attacked by a tiger-man and swiped in the face, and Toli is a skittsh fella to begin with. ;) I would think that would be enough cause to play dead! :>


I love this entire sequence, i didn't think anyone else liked possum tfs! I love the black forearms and legs, and the way his tail is in the last pic. The face being so inhuman is wonderful! thanks for this


Interesting that the doctor would choice this species for his relative.


Oh, I love this! I've never seen an anthro opossum before, great work!