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($) Dante's Beastly Awakening Sequence (Warning: Blood) by Adaru32
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This was something I released on Halloween this year (I know, bad timing to be submitting this now. Wanted to get other older submissions out of the way first). It was originally going to be for Devil May Cry Week in the first week of October for day 2's theme, Monster/Cryptid/Demon. But my adulting life wouldn't let me get it done on that day, so I released it on Halloween instead. Things have slowed down a bit on my end, so I was feeling a bit inspirational. I held a donation pool for this en...
(Reuploaded + Old) Dark Conscience: Enlivened Sequence (2010) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was an old sequence I did back in 2010. This is a sequence in my story, Dark Conscience, where I transform into my werewolf form for the second time in the story (Yes I use self-insert in my stories...) You can check my video of this which includes sound and the descriptions for what happens in this scene: Drawn with a pencil first then went over everything on Photofilt...