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SFW WuffKitty Pooltoy Transformation [c] by TheRazzDazzler11
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SFW version of a pooltoy gender transformation commission for WuffKitty off of Telegram! This one was a total blast to draw X3 This was drawn on May 25, 2023
Experimental Commission: Vanta's figurine by Lucern7
2174 views, 14 favorites, 0 comments
A commission from PixusPanic on twitter of a series of tfs into their splotchfox oc Vanta. Experimental sketches aren't sequences but rather 5 different variants on the same concept. I had a lotta fun exploring how to pose and frame these. Like what you see? I am open for coms, check out my form: or DM me for more info.
Marketable Plushie by Hukeng
1280 views, 7 favorites, 0 comments
Nothing like a cute mascot character to fight a dip in brand awareness...
Cat Toy [COM] by Hukeng
892 views, 12 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Ardwin - a cautionary tale on the dangers of bumping into things!
Wound up [COM] by Hukeng
1150 views, 8 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Monster Almanac, featuring a spring-loaded surprise!
Something (King)fishy... by Garig1510
2915 views, 16 favorites, 3 comments
Started focusing a bit more on getting better with my fabric lineart and creases at this point! This one ended up a Kingfisher Plush, and is probably still one of my favorite Plush Bird TFs I have drawn to date! ^v^
Plushing Out, Java Sparrow Style! by Garig1510
2387 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
I've honestly been just really forgetful about uploading stuff here... So here is to trying again now, lol. Plush TFs!! I have a lot of fun with drawing them, especially if they end up being birds, hehe! This one was based on the colour scheme of a Java Sparrow! :>
Resin Possibilities.. by Mxmaramoose
7 images, 9087 views, 52 favorites, 11 comments
Time for some more self indulgent tf art...Doll TF style! I collect Ball Jointed Doll's as a hobby and part of what makes them fun is the endless customization possibilities, imagine having all those possibilities for yourself...#TFEveryday Edit: Now with more silly Doll stuff. Wanted to explore a bit more about the post transformation life of a living doll. My resin skull may technically be hollow but it sure as hell aint empty lol.
Rat TF doodle by KrazyIvan
2 images, 7791 views, 41 favorites, 2 comments
Those skinnerbox tactics in gaming are getting advanced.
Day at the Dog Park by Blacksheeptfs
4507 views, 52 favorites, 0 comments
Couple of new doggies