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TF Secret Santa for CaitlinSnowLeopard by Mxmaramoose
2798 views, 24 favorites, 0 comments
I participated in Torlion's TF Secret Santa and got CaitlinSnowLeopard who enjoys DC ladies and Snow Leopards so heres Killer Frost becoming a fluffy Snep.
Present Spotted by KrazyIvan
4194 views, 44 favorites, 1 comment
Happy Xmas guys
Siren's Lure by Breezes
4 images, 9247 views, 85 favorites, 9 comments
You're gonna have more than just fins, hun
A Shiny Shark Treasure! by Kaiko
3471 views, 11 favorites, 2 comments
Squeaky pooltoy shark transformation sketch for CloudyYote on Twitter!~
Zeelo's Shark Transformation by Kaiko
4236 views, 27 favorites, 5 comments
My first full Transformation sequence commission! Thank you for supporting me as a new artist >//W///<
World Raid Boss by Taitora
2324 views, 25 favorites, 0 comments
Turned into a world boss
Fox TF (ANIM) - Making Cereal by Drigil
8755 views, 111 favorites, 14 comments
Animated a little fox transformation that occurs during a young boy's breakfast routine with 566 frames of colored animated glorious. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: Some of you didn't like how he still had a human arm at the end of it. This has been remedied.
Hisui Zoroark TF by mlexi
3818 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
When they tell the trainee to stay away from the subjects, they really do have good reason to.
Earning His Stripes by KrazyIvan
6203 views, 51 favorites, 2 comments
Gonna have to add cursed exercise mat to the long list of TF triggers.
Don’t Forget Friendship is Magic by Wereskunk
2860 views, 13 favorites, 2 comments
It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve drawn anything pony related. The 9th of Octransfur is Friendship so figured this would be perfect opportunity to draw MLP stuff. It’s been so long since I drew pony stuff a certain pony used her magic to remind me what true friendship is and how truly magical it can be much to my surprise. Be kind I’m out of practice drawing My Little Pony