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Mousehole by Swatcher
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On the bright side, your place just got a heck of a lot roomier.
The Origin of the Cat People by Cobalt_K
5 images, 14051 views, 58 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for ehh123. In a fantasy world, a wizard casts a spell that turns all the dogs and cats of a village into intelligent, humanoid creatures, creating two new races that must hereafter coexist with the rest of civilization.
Arrow Quivershaft by Viergacht
9562 views, 84 favorites, 5 comments
A commission for Arrow Quivershaft of their red tail hawk character in mid-transformation. I've never done an avian tf before, but I do enjoy a challenge!
6117 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
Well this is tough to Axew and hard to swallow. Hope this doesn't cause any Fraxures in your relationship. Stuff like this can be Haxorus to your health. (Commission for BurstCoffee on FA)
8955 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
Tapired by Hukeng
5117 views, 27 favorites, 1 comment
A rarely seen species that deserves a lot more love.
A Masked Surprise by Hukeng
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Commission for yowza. A cat-themed face mask leads to all sorts of feline shenanigans.
Griffin with a Chopper Hunch by Ametf
6026 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Frysco on FA. His griffinsona tfing into a chopper motorbike
Sherk by Hukeng
6084 views, 33 favorites, 0 comments
Majestic nomfish beach volleyball player.
Unbridled - a Horse Tf For Angrumoys by Kuzim
13235 views, 117 favorites, 6 comments
A Commissioned piece from Angrumoys. Supposed to be another straightforward sequence of him transforming into an overtly masculine stallion. He wanted to be either a Frisian or quarter horse, but since I am by no means an avid equestrian, i simply turned him into whatever non-existent breed fits my definition of 'horse".