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Mystery Booze by Phrannd
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Swearing off drinking random bottles is generally a good policy.
July sketch compilation by KrazyIvan
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Some of the things i've been upto this month.
Patreon Sneak-Beak - Bird TF by tfancred
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If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at : Lately, I started working on a new comic and a surprise that I will soon start the progressive release! Don't miss it out, it will be awesome! ;-) Now, Story time! Test subject wanted cash compensation! This is what caught Britney's attention. She didn't even read the contract before signed. Five minutes later, she was injected some serum and placed in a ...
One Last Kiss by KrazyIvan
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Sad TF, sorry. The idea came to me when i was doing a headshot sketch for a bro. For more stuff and sadness:
Patreon Sneak Peak - Bird TF by tfancred
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If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at : Now, Story time! Britney fell like she was kind of trapped in a job she didn't like. One nigh, she wished to get more freedom... A bit like the birds flying near her window... Sadly, she didn't know how dangerous wishing upon a star could be... Ne next day, she didn't felt well. Like a flu... All the day, her feet hurt as f*ck and her skin was itchy. Around noon, ...
Booby TF by KrazyIvan
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Headshot sketch
green gal by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Just a small comfort-zone werebird girl tf.
OSC: Sequence: The Phoenix Cloak by Jakkal
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Alternative origin sequence for Shaytalis's Phoenix character and how she managed to possess an unsuspecting woman. The woman, a mage, wanted a cloak that would inspire awe and give her a look of power. She tried on this cloak with some unwanted consequences. Jan 29, 2017 Edit: Added in a new third image in the sequence. Dec 29, 2018 Edit: Added in two new images that are sort of additions. I'm not really sure where the 6th one goes, where it's wrapping around her, as it doesn't fit th...
Patreon Sneak Peak - Bird TF by tfancred
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This one is a suggestion of Jimbo from the Process Forum who wanted more birds tf. Considering he didn't give any story, let's try something now! If you do want to see more of my stuff, you can become my patron at ! For as low as two bucks per month, you'll see two images like this per week and for 5 dollars, you'll also have access to my Sequence Friday that have an ongoing sequence! I really need your help to continue produce that many pics! (8 (2$ patrons) to ...
A Bit Of Feathery Magic - For EHH123 by Janexas
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This is a commission for Drawn earlier last year. You can find me on dA here You can find me on FA here And if you would like to support me and see my work on time when I actually draw it or would just like to support me and keep me arting it up i'm also on patreon :)