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Feelin' sharky by Sergio P. Wolf
10182 views, 51 favorites, 16 comments
This is what happens when you _____ and _______ all the while doing ________. SO NOW EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO TRANSFORM IN REAL LIFE.
Sharkgirl Sketch by GeckzGo
18988 views, 186 favorites, 17 comments
Shark girl transformation sketch. The color version is on the Bonus Images page, available to people who donate $5 or more to the current Transfur donation drive.
Sharkgirl by GeckzGo
38329 views, 554 favorites, 23 comments
I think she has a different shark problem now... From the Transfur donation drive.
Hammerhead Transformation by Ciervo
12275 views, 67 favorites, 3 comments
He felt as if he had a splitting headache. Then his eyes went all wacky, and he found he could breathe the water he was swimming in. All this is mildly inconvenient, he thought, What will I do without thumbs or binocular vision?
That's not what pools feel like by Atalhlla
26498 views, 99 favorites, 7 comments
There was a dawning moment of realization as at first the water felt funny, then did his swimtrunks, and all too soon did the rest of him... For the Trapped at the Pool challenge. Okay, maybe he's not so much trapped. Should have used more cool colors?
angrboda meme by Angrboda
82354 views, 247 favorites, 17 comments
A meme I did for furaffinity, as completed by me. Since it has a few TF doodles I thought I'd smack it up on this account.
alec by Emerwyn
4 images, 43883 views, 108 favorites, 11 comments
Alec- another of the IoDM sequences. An Irishman, a punk, and a drummer. Now, a Tiger Shark/Water Vine. Okay, I am NOT good at shark/fish TFs. The process is a little sloppy. Bear with me, as it's not complete yet. EDIT: Woohoo! Alec's 75! I've watied a long time for this one to be released. I am very pleased with it. Of course there are errors. When are there not? But I'm still happy to receive critique on that. <3
Something fishy by Bilious
13557 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
Raven transformed into a shark-like creature due to his encounter with a mermaid
Shark by TfProxy
3 images, 68181 views, 284 favorites, 31 comments
Shark TF 1 of 3 - Yeah yeah, my faces need work ;)
Sharkdude by Kanada
15192 views, 70 favorites, 3 comments
shark guy...that's about it