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Getting into the game (Ealadubh commission) by Xids
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This is a com for @ealadubh enjoying the realness and ultra interactive gameplay
Five nights at Danny's by Danwolf
7202 views, 16 favorites, 6 comments
SCREEEEEEEE !!!! khm...sorry for the tone. I've thought you would like this guys,everybody got hype on FNAF,soo I've thought why not x3 The last creepy pic with Dan for Haloween ^^
Robos by Demyxia
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Edit: Now featuring the last robo for thelostwolf I totally forgot to add some of the robos I did, here they are!~ In order @PheagleAdler @Onom @IcyFoxy TheLostwolf
Snowypenguin Robo Icon by Demyxia
5711 views, 27 favorites, 0 comments
Another one! This one has more details with lighty upy things...! The prize for the winner of my quick raffle on FA
Robo Icon - Han by Demyxia
6454 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
People liked seeing the last robo icons here, so I thought I'd toss this one up. And I also haven't posted anything for a while... So, here is a Birthday gift I made for a friend, his lady orca character turning back and forth into a robo version of herself~
Automatic Update by Virmir
12314 views, 41 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Zhed!
Bot Flame by Virmir
9562 views, 36 favorites, 7 comments
Hate it when that happens. Commission for AruGard!
Robo Blueberry by Demyxia
5410 views, 34 favorites, 2 comments
Another for @blueberrysnow Look how fierce she is!
Mephis by Demyxia
5092 views, 22 favorites, 1 comment
Here, this one looks a lot better in quality compared to mine xD @mephis turning into a robo version of himself~
Crimson Robo TF icon by Demyxia
5512 views, 27 favorites, 1 comment
Was just playing around. Saw those TF images around that have a similar animation and thought I'd try something similar with Crimson going Robo~ Was just a quick attempt.