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raccoon by JWB
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Hey look! Im not dead! As promised heres the final, finished, completed raccoon sequence! Thanks to The Kyle Raccoon (a.k.a. Rascal) for the idea and for his half of the trade which can be found at his site coontf.xepher.net. Thanks Kyle:)
RaccoonEyes by Foxx
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yaay! a fun little experiment with perspective. yeah, it's kinda like another image of mine (foxcrawl.jpg), but I much perfer this one. you can pretend the screen is a mirror, if you like. was hard to get the raccoonfur the right color on his arm and leg.
coonwhoa by Gryf
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coonteef by Gryf
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nm-raccoonTF by Tincrash
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nm-Satisfied Customer Ra by Tincrash
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nm-raccoonshirt by Tincrash
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HappyCoon by Foxx
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Happy Coon Farms Orange Juice - may have unwanted side effects.
nm-Tina Crash by Tincrash
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For those who wonder....Yes I was playing with having a fem form for a bit =)
nm-raccoontfdraft by Tincrash
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A really nice raccoon TF rough, I inked and have to finish the series that goes along with it =) (c) Me