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Griffon Knight by Shiro
23613 views, 75 favorites, 12 comments
curses can be a real pain, even in medieval times, as this Knight found out. He transforms into a griffin, by moonlight, after being cursed by a sorceror.
deerteef by Jakkal
32228 views, 106 favorites, 9 comments
Now there's one thing ol' Artemis gets pissed about is huntin' on her sacred ground. But hey now he at least doesn't hafta worry 'bout hunters.
kappa by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 57731 views, 235 favorites, 16 comments
Here's my Christmas present to Transfur! I hope you all enjoy it. Page 1 Welcome to another comic featuring those same two kids from before. This time they meet a water demon known as a kappa.
humming by KelvinTheLion
40800 views, 86 favorites, 8 comments
How did Kitsune know where to find his stolen talismin? He got a tipoff from this kid. As a reward he gets one wish and he wishes for more energy.
tanuki by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 57531 views, 167 favorites, 17 comments
Remember these boys from the kitsune comic? If you didn't see it you should go back and look. Page:1 tail sprouts, wool appears on legs, face morphs...
kitsune by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 62204 views, 330 favorites, 23 comments
Page1 of a new comic. 2 teenage kids get into trouble with a kitsune. A kitsune is a fox with many tails from Japanease folklore. They are tricksters with magical powers.
gnuzoo by Flinters
48778 views, 164 favorites, 3 comments
Do not feed the animals!
maidamess by WestGREEN
58655 views, 172 favorites, 3 comments
Another French maid succumbs, to another transformation, from another magical artifact left carelessly about. Good help is getting hard to find.
properly by Ealadubh
23790 views, 102 favorites, 2 comments