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Fran To Frog by MjR
15810 views, 61 favorites, 7 comments
This is a re-add as the original went missing.
Self-Portrait in Many Frames by Chrysalis
29502 views, 111 favorites, 18 comments
How do you draw a portrait of a shapeshifter? This way seemed to work pretty well. Drawn with Prismacolor pens, colored with Photoshop. Comments and critique are always appreciated.
Frog TF by Ciervo
9150 views, 37 favorites, 5 comments
I'm abysmal at writing stories for these things :P
The many transformations of Peter by KageJaganshi
28923 views, 113 favorites, 14 comments
Oh Peter and your defunked transformations. From my sereis Monkey Ghost- Peter seems to have a lot of problems with his transformations. Like randomly turning into a frog at the public pool or a sperm whale in the bath tub. Oh, not a worm, a caterpillar!
treefrog by Antihuman
8873 views, 54 favorites, 4 comments
Another picture for Serling. I'll have some non-commission art up soon, but commissions come first. This guy's a lot happier about his transformation then the last frog ;)
Oh well, I'm a Frog by Antihuman
7561 views, 28 favorites, 3 comments
Commission picture I did for Serling on Furaffinity.
THe amazing frogger man by Wrathofautumn
14004 views, 17 favorites, 6 comments
First frog tf! Oooooooooh *takes a guitar out and starts singing* Frogger Man, Frogger man, does whatever a froggerman does. Can he sling from a wall? No, he cen't, he's a frog. Look ouuuuuuut, it's the frogger man! C'mon kiddies! Yeeehaw!
halloweenpreview by Kuma
36124 views, 203 favorites, 23 comments
So yeah..Been a rainy halloween for me this year, but was in a pretty artsy mood. Been working on this steadily all day, though It seems it wasn't gonna be done in time before the day is officially over (and yes, total Soul Eater rip off, I know), so thought I'd post a little preview for now. Not sure if this counts towards the artist challenge thingy...Happy halloween!
punkfrog by Carillon
16441 views, 40 favorites, 9 comments
Pure Punk(F)Rock :-)
froggy by Carillon
16677 views, 79 favorites, 10 comments
This was an idea I long kept inside the back of my mind, and now I finally found the time to get it out of there...